Category: How fleet tracking helps

Minimize fuel costs

Having the ability to monitor a vehicle’s fuel consumption will help to manage it effectively. There's no one who can control the price of fuel, but a feature of GPS Fleet Tracking known as Fuel monitoring has the ability to observe a vehicle’s fuel consumption. This will help a company, cut down on the amount [...]

Reduce money wastage

Safeguard your money, reduce overhead expenses, and in-turn increase your profitability. GPS tracking allows fleet managers to keep an eye on, who is taking an inefficient route or using a vehicle for an unauthorized purpose. Not only will it resolve the road issues, but also it will provide an accurate readout of the hours that drivers claim [...]

Less violations and fines

Track7 - The GPS Tracking Platform, by Track7 can be used to improve profitability of the business and generate a good reputation about the company. Most of the traffic violations may be prevented by our tracking platform which can be used to monitor rash drivings, speedings (overspeeds), harsh cornerings, harsh brakings etc. on map. This will give the managers, an idea about the Driver's behaviour, [...]