Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Track7 has come up with a business opportunity for every person in the world, a business solution for all. Our Solution takes 1 week to get up and running, and its quick and easy to sign people up and start selling gps solutions to your customers, giving you a lead in the market. You do not require a good amount of capital to start this business as we maintain flexibility in our plans.

Reasons to become a Track7 franchisee


  • Minimal start-up investment and no royalty payments.
  • Get attractive monthly income.
  • Good market as 89% market remains untouched.
  • Save money and increase profits.
  • Sell to private companies as well as government departments.
  • 24/7 free support from the company.
  • No technical knowledge required. Learn and grow!


GPS Hardware


The GPS hardwares are tested for quality standards, before they reach the franchisee. The hardwares with quality standards below our criteria, are rejected. Some of the cheaper GPS hardwares in the market today, stop working after a few months, or they received already broken. We always go for optimum quality GPS products and provide you only the best for your customers.




  • Real-time tracking
  • Playback history
  • Data reporting
  • SOS driver security
  • Vehicle starter block
  • Alerts & notifications




  • Download the Franchisee Application Form.
  • Print off the document and fill it up with correct information.
  • Scan the document and email it to
  • We’ll contact you about some little left formalities and you’re ready.

World class GPS Fleet Tracking