Track7 provides GPS Ambulance Tracking solutions which can be used to get the location of ambulances, instantly in case of medical emergency situations. It can be use to allocate the closest available ambulance to the patient for fastest emergency health care and therefore, the fastest ambulance transportation. The data is stored for 90 days which can be used in case of any conflicts likely to occur in the future and can be useful for private hospitals, public hospitals and private ambulance services.

Made for the mankind

GPS ambulance tracking is a crucial step towards the safety of your ambulances and increase in the growth of your hospital. Get real-time information about the ambulance’s location and capture the location of the nearest available ambulance for a patient. Manager can contact the ambulance ‘s driver and suggest him better routes to reach the hospital soon to offer the care that the emergency patient needs.

Track7 tries to ensure that no time is lost in allocating the nearest ambulance or emergency care vehicle. Hospitals can get email alerts when a critical patient is about to reach the hospital, so that necessary arrangements can be made to start the treatment and care immediately.

Benefits of Ambulance Tracking

  • Real-time monitoring of ambulances.
  • Playback history of ambulances.
  • Reducing fuel consumption.
  • Email alerts on reaching destination.
  • Reducing inefficiencies in your ambulances.
  • Ensuring safety of ambulances.
  • Single platform for the governance of all ambulances.

World class GPS Ambulance tracking