Track7 provides GPS Employee Tracking solution that can be used by companies to turn their employee’s cell phone into a GPS receiver by installing our android application.

Companies can track employee’s location, hours worked, and contacted customers by using Track7’s platform. Managing employees in the field has always been a challenging task, especially for small businesses offering delivery or in-home services. Our GPS Employee tracking solution provides employers with a solutions to track and keep a check on the status of their employees.

Made for your business

GPS Employee Tracking is suitable for companies, requiring the tracking of their employees of marketing & sales division. Track7 tries its best to provide even small businesses, a solution for managing their sales and marketing employees. In addition to other features like hours of work, you can get where your employees are, where they’ve been and where they should be next.

The major advantage of GPS Employee Tracking is that it makes businesses more efficient through better dispatching, which should hopefully mean faster driving routes, better customer service and in turn fuel savings.

Benefits of Employee Tracking

  • Real-time monitoring of employees.
  • Playback history of employees.
  • Reducing wastage of time.
  • Increased productivity of business.
  • Email alerts when employee reaches destination.
  • Total time spent of each job.
  • Single platform for the governance of all employees.

World class GPS Employee tracking