Managing a large fleet is a pretty tough task to accomplish. No-one know if the drivers are really doing what they were supposed to. Having an intelligent GPS Fleet Tracking platform becomes cost-effective, increases productivity and lets you know about fuel consumption. Having a bull’s eye towards making fleet manager’s work easier, Track7  emerged with a GPS Tracking solution that delivers money’s worth benefits, namely real-time visibility of vehicle locations and geospatial data, fuel monitoring and an increase in the drivers’ safety and security — everything on a single, powerful interface: Track7.

Made for your business

GPS fleet tracking is an important step towards the safety of your vehicles and increase in the productivity of your business. Get real-time information about the vehicles’ location, therefore know where your drivers are. Keep an eye on the travel times and the fuel used to get information about where you can improve your business operations. With the right GPS fleet tracking company, you will see improved results in your business.

With GPS Fleet Tracking, help protect your business from costly infractions, accidents and vehicle abuse while increasing fuel efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of Fleet Tracking

  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles.
  • Playback history of fleet.
  • Reducing fuel consumption.
  • Cut on maintenance costs
  • Reducing inefficiencies in your fleet
  • Ensuring safety of fleet.
  • Single platform for the governance of whole fleet.

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