Whether your drivers are still or on the move, get their precise, geo-location with GPS Vehicle Tracking Platform – Track7. This can help a manager by giving a proof of existence of vehicle at a location and help delivery go better. Get to know where to make savings by tracing previous trips. Our vehicle tracking system accurately records hours worked and remembers where each vehicle in your fleet or even a single vehicle has been, for up to 90 days in the past. This feature of the vehicle tracking and fleet tracking system provides an instant overview of vehicle movements, highlighting anomalies and exposing patterns in your business.

Business & Personal usage

Track7 provides instant email alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a previously designated area called as a Geozone by creating a Geofence around that area. By using Georoute, a person gets an email alert when a vehicle leaves a previously designated route which means, one can bind a route for the driver to move from and gets an email alert if the driver disobeys.

Determine position, velocity and odometer of the vehicle travelling, thanks to orbiting GPS satellites that are free to use, 24×7, anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles.
  • Playback history of fleet.
  • Knowing about over-speeds.
  • Controlling doors and air conditioner .
  • Reducing inefficiencies in your vehicle.
  • Ensuring safety of vehicle.
  • Single platform for the governance of all vehicles.

World class GPS Vehicle tracking solutions